Why Does The Air Feeder Machine Feeding Inaccurate?
There are many reasons for the inaccurate feeding of the air feeder:

1. If the pressure of the air source is insufficient or the pressure is too high and the pressure of the air source is not determined, the feeding will be inaccurate. Check whether the air source is stable. Be sure the pressure of the air supply is enough.

2. The air feeder's release time is not well adjusted. If the release is too late, the material will have a back-off phenomenon, and the feeding will be inaccurate.

3. When the feeding pinch is long or the punching speed is fast, the speed adjusting screw of the air feeder is not adjusted well, which causes the feeding could not keep up with the punching speed.

4. The thickness of the feeding material is beyond the capacity of the air feeder. The material is too thick and the cylinder can not drive the feeder.

5, if not because of the above reasons, then maybe caused by "O" ring quick-wear part, which needs to be replaced.

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