How To Operate Safely During The Stamping Process?

How To Operate Safely During The Stamping Process?

How To Operate Safely During The Stamping Process?
Stamping operation flow
(l) Feeding:
The operation of feeding the sheet into the mold is called feeding.
        The feeding operation is carried out before the slider is about to enter the danger zone, and the operator's hand is not operated in the mold, which is safe; however, the hand-held plate is put into the mold due to the mold design problem, which is a great danger.
Note: Do not put your hand into the mold

(2) Ordering:
The operation of fixing the plate on the positioning of the mold is called setting
       After the operation, after the feeding, it is at the moment when the slider is about to slide, due to
The convenience of the material directly affects the safety of the operation, and the difficulty of setting
Large, it will lengthen the dangerous time.
The positioning methods mainly include: positioning of the pin, positioning plate, guide plate positioning, guiding
Pin positioning, fixed side blade several ways.
Note: The positioning pin and plate should have a certain height to prevent the machine from failing.

(3) Pickup:
Refers to the operation of taking out the punched workpiece from the mold
 The pickup is completed during the slider return trip. Pay attention to the operation:
Manual pick-up is strictly prohibited.
Prevent stamping and punching failures.
Prevent false alarms.
Pick-up methods include: lower leakage, elastic discharge,
Shot-feeding, manual pick-up (requires the use of a safe hand).

(4) Scrap removal:
 Refers to the removal of stamping waste in the mold.
         Waste is inevitable in the separation process. If it cannot be cleaned up in time during the operation, it will affect the normal operation of the job and will scrap the workpiece.

Note: Please clean the mold directly by hand in the mold.
Must disconnect the power or emergency stop

(5) Manipulating equipment:
 Refers to the way the operator controls the action of the stamping equipment.
 There are two common ways of manipulating:
1. Push button switch. When a single button is operated by a single person, it is generally not dangerous.
   risk. However, when many people operate, they may be injured due to poor care or improper cooperation.
   Harmful accidents.
2. Foot switch. Although easy to operate, it is easy to cause misalignment between hands and feet.
   An error occurred. Causing an accident.

(6) Material transfer:
Refers to the whole process of transferring the processed workpiece from the workshop
              During the workpiece transfer process, the workpiece often leaves sharp edges and burrs in the stamping, which poses a great danger to the handling. Such as scratches, cuts, and stab wounds are accidents that often occur in the operation of holding parts, which can cause blood to bleed.

Note: Personal protective equipment is a must wear item.