3 in 1 Automatic Coil Feeder Machine Equipped With 250 Ton AIDA Press For Automotive Stamping In UK

Time: 2018-12-07
Summary: GLK4-800 decoiler straightener feeder machine for metal coil sheet handling was installed in UK. It works for uncoiling and straightening metal coil and servo feeding the strip into press. This kind of 3 in 1 automatic feeder machine is widely used in auto parts industry for vehicle or automotive. It is suitable for many kinds of metal coil like aluminum, high yield metal sheet, stainless steel sheet, carbon steel, etc.

How Is A 3 in 1 Coil Feeder Compact With AIDA Press Machine?

This GLK4-800 uncoiler straightener feeder machine is suitable for 800mm width metal coil sheet exported to UK for auto parts stamping. For more details, welcome to contact me:



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