HongEr 2 in 1 Uncoiler Straightener And NC Servo Feeder Equipped With Press Machine In UAE

Time: 2018-12-13
Summary: GL-H 2 in 1 decoiler straightener machine can handle the metal coil sheet with 4.5-6.0mm thickness and compact with automatic feeder machine for metal stamping. Our UAE client purchased a coil feeder line with press machine last year and the machines all work very well.

HongEr Metal Stamping Line Installed In UAE:

1, 2 in 1 uncoiler straightener machine

2, NC servo coil feeder machine

3, Press machine

This automation feeder line makes the production more efficient and reduce labor cost. 

For more details, please contact: sophie@he-machine.com whatsapp:+8613824319691

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