Servo feeder machine for metal coil handling with different feeding pitch setting

Time: 2019-03-19
Summary: HongEr servo feeder machines have two types: RNC servo feeder with pneumatic releasing and NCF feeder with mechanical releasing. Both of these two coil feeder have 9 memory programs stores to set up with different feeding length in metal stamping line with progressive die. Servo feeder machine is driven by YASKAWA servo motor and with Mitsubish PLC with feeding accuracy +/-0.1mm. This kind of feeder machine can be equipped with power press machine to realize automation feeding in press room.

Servo Coil Feeder Operation Screen Video To Set Up 9 Feeding pitch

1, NCF servo coil feeder with mechanical releasing type: suitable for 0.1-1.6mm thickness coil sheet with feeding speed 27m/min

2, RNC servo coil feeder with pneumatic releasing type: suitable for 0.3-3.2mm thickness coil sheet with feeding speed 16m/min

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