Really a big guy!!! Our 3 in 1 compact servo feeder GLK4-1600H for metal coil decoiling straightening feeding of stamping line

publisher: Betty
Time: 2019-03-25
Summary: 3 in 1 High Strength Servo Feeder System GLK4-1600H decoiler straightener and feeder for press line
3 in 1 High Strength Servo Feeding System GLK4-1600H Decoiler Straightener And Feeder For Stamping Line
The high strenghth servo feeding system GLK4-1600H is suitable for the stamping line of high strength material.  The GLK4-1600H can handling the metal coil width 70mm-1600mm and material thickness 0.6mm-6.0mm.

The loading capicity of coil can reach 10T, necessarily with the hydraulic power coil car.

The GLK4-1600H is customized for working with the Fagor press machine.

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The servo feeding system GLK4-1600H is widely used for metal works of high strength automotive parts, as Brake pad, Tie bar, Damper etc.

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