2 Sets Of Servo Feeder Machine Testing Before Delivery For Columbia Customer

Time: 2019-04-17
Summary: 2 sets of servo feeder machine for metal coil (200mm widht, 0.2-3.2mm thickness) stamping line will be delivered to Europe for punching in press room. Before delivery, we will do 100% inspection.

How does the servo coil feeder machine work?

1, If the material is metal coil, equipped with decoiler machine, feeding the metal coil head into this servo feeder machine.

2, Use the control panel to set up with feeding length, feeding speed, feeding time, and choose manual or auto.

3, Also can use the control box to operate.

What is the advantage of this servo feeder machine?

1, feeding with high accuracy with +/-0.1mm;

2, set up with 10 feeding pitch in the programm so as to equipped with progressive die stamping line;

3, easy operate with the control panel and box;

4, drive with YASKAWA servo motor;


6, can be composed with console;

7, with screw to adjust the feeding height which should be equal to the height of lower die.

What does this machine use for?

It is often equipped with decoiler, straightener machine with mechanical press in metal stamping line:

Uncoiler machine + straightener machine + servo coil feeder + press machine

More details, freely contact sophie@he-machine.com

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