2 sets of RNC servo feeder will be shipped to our customer in UK

Time: 2019-04-29
Summary: Two sets of metal coil strip RNC servo feeder ordered by our customer in UK, and will be ready for delivery this week.
Metal Coil Sheet Servo Feeder Will Be Delilvery To Customer In UK
The metal coil servo feeder is suitable for feeding the coil sheet thickness 0.2mm-3.2mm, and coil width 200mm.
It's Yaskawa servo system ensure a high precision feeding at accuracy of feeding pitch +/- 0.1mm. The feeding rollers are treated by heat treatment and electroplated with chrom to realize hardness 60-62° of surface. 
The feeding pitch can be set up by 9 sections.
It is easy to operate with pneumatic release, and low cost for maintenance.

The color of these two servo feeder is customized as per our customer's demands.

For more details, please freely contact: betty@he-machine.com

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