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What Are The Advantages of Zigzag Servo Feeder In The Circle Cutting Line?

What Are The Advantage Of The Zigzag Servo Feeder In The Circle Cutting Line The zigzag servo feeder is created and developed based on the traditional NC machine. It's new model of shift type feeding movement can minimizing the leftover of the metal coil for the stamping production. The zigzag servo feeder make the circle cutting production efficient and lowen the cost of the raw material. The main advantages are as follows:1, High output:The zigzag feeder make the feeding in shift movement, and can save about 7% of the material. When the size of the disc is different, it can make the arrangment according to the width of the material.2, High efficiency: The feeding speed is max. 20 m/min, and the zigzag movement speed is max. 30 m/min.3, High precision: During the circle cutting, the zigzag feeder can set the minimum distance between the edge and edge of the circle blanking within 0.5mm, and the accuracy can be within ±0.01mm.4, Space saving and low energy consumption.5, High automatic production:The scraps and finished products can be automatically collected. The coiler is often used for rewinding the strip after cutting or stamping.

What Is The Difference Between GL And GO 2 In 1 Decoiler Straightener Machine Of HongEr?

What Is The Difference Between GL And GO 2 In 1 Decoiler Straightener Machine Of HongEr? Difference: 1, Spacer of mandrel: GL is composed with thicker steel plate and with blackening surface to anti-oxidation so as to keep longer using life.  The coil keeper is more stronger with casting steel.2, The concentricity of axis of GL is processed with very high precision, so as to protect the motor when uncoiling.3, Adjustment of GL is worm and gear to adjust the gap between upper and down straightener rollers. In this way, the adjustment is much more easier to operated with high precision. While GO is adjusted by worm wheel.4, The transmission way of GL is doule chain. For more details, please contact:

What Is HongEr GL 2 In 1 Decoiler Straightener Machine?

What Is HongEr GL 2 In 1 Decoiler Straightener Machine? GL 2 in 1 Decoiler Straightener Combined decoiler straightener machine is for metal coil handling with uncoiling and straightening function. Compared with single decoiler machine and straightener machine, this one can save work space and make the feeding speed synchronization with coil feeder and press machine.The decoiler mandrel is with manual or hydraulic expansion on basis of the metal coil's weight. Straightener section is with worm and gear adjustment for the gap of straightener rollers. The release way is cylinder type. Looking to the surface of this 2 in 1 machine, it is subject to sand blasting for removing dust and weld point, meanwhile, it can make the surface roughness which can help the painting more adhesive.2 in 1 decoiler straightener machine always equipped with automatic coil feeder compacted press machine for metal stamping.For more details, please see below video.

What is decoiler machine?

What Is Decoiler Machine? MT-F Heavy Uncoiler Machine1, For heavy metal sheet coil, this stronger decoiler machine is suitable.2, Decoiler machine unwind for metal coil handling like stamping, cutting, shearing. 3, The decoiling direction according to your requirement compacting with press or cutting machine.4, The mandrel of uncoiler machine is blackening to prevent the raw material from oxidation. The expansion way is hydraulic.5, Pressing arm is optional if the material thickness is above 2.0 mm, and is drove with pneumatic. MT Decoiler 1, This standard decoiler machine suit for light metal sheet coil.2, The expansion way is manual. But hydraulic expansion is optional.3, Decoiler machine is usually used in metal stamping, cutting, shearing, blanking line.4, It is equipped with straightener and servo feeder machine compacted with press for metal parts stamping.5, Coil car is optional if the coil weight is above 5 Tons or according to your requirement. About HongEr HongEr machine is specializing in metal coil handling solution with more than 16 years. For more information, please contact: sophie@he-machine.comMore videos of our equipment, please visit our YouTube: