Shenzhen Honger Machine Equipment Co.,Ltd
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Coil Handling Equipment
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Servo Roll Feeder, Decoiler Straightener Feeder, Press Feeding System, Decoiler Machine, Punching Press Machine
Sales Office 1601-1602, A4,Zhujiang Plaza, Longgang

Company Profile

HongeEr Machine is specializing in metal stamping automation solution. Our main products including decoiler straightener feeder and press machine. HongEr was established in 2002. The head office is located in Shenzhen and factory is located in Dongguan. In these years, Honger grew up steadily and become to the leading manufacturer of metal stamping equipment.  With high quality, good after sales service, and beautiful machine design, HongEr equipment has been exported to all over the world, especially the East Europe, East and South Asia, Middle East, and some of Africa countries. HongEr would like to help more and more factories to solve any problems about metal stamping. With our rich experiences, senior engineer team, high performance machines, HongEr could supply the best solution for you.For more information about how our coil handling equipment can support your business and help improve your productivity contact us directly, we are always happy to work with customers to identify your exact requirements so we can provide the very best, tailored solution.